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About Me

I was born in Clifton Park, a small town in the outskirts of Albany, New York. Ever since I was young, I have  always been interested in cartoons and science. I grew up watching Transformers, GI Joes, and Batman while building all types of spaceships and vehicles with Legos. When I later upgraded to Robotics Legos (thanks Mom), it opened my mind into building and programming an inanimate objects and bring them to life. In 2000, I moved to California, which positively impacted my life. During my junior year of high school, a brand new course, Art and Animation, introduced me to the software program Animation Master. There I taught myself to model, rig, and animate my characters. I was hooked and I knew that animation is the field for me. I was given the opportunity during senior year to teach my fellow classmates the basic operations of Animation Master. This further fueled my interests to pursue the animation major at San Jose State University.

In 2014, my first professional job was a Clean Up Animator for FOX ADHD tv series, Axe Cop, Major Lazer, and Golan the Insatiable. It was a great experience to see a professional environment where cartoons were made by talented and skilled artist. It opened my eyes to see all the hard work and creativity that goes into creating a tv animated series.

After completing my job in 2D, I wanted to focus more on 3D animation and tried to break into the VFX industry or Animated Features industry. I started taking online classes with Ianimate for 2 classes and I learned so much from my mentors. Those 3D classes helped prepare me for my next job at Double Fine Productions as a Virtual Reality 3D character animator working on a VR game. Double Fine is probably the best company I have ever worked for because of the artist, culture, and their passion for video games. I learned so much about video game pipeline and workflow from all of my friends there.

At the end of my gig at Double Fine, I got the opportunity to work for another great company, The Third Floor, working on previsualization. Previsualization is the creative process of how the shots will look and perform in the live action or final animation. It is the first form of what the movie looks like before polishing it with VFX and Finals animation. In 2018, I received my first film credit on Marvel's Avengers Infinity War, it was a dream come true to work on and see on the big screen.

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